We were too slummy to ever learn how to use code so we’ve cried and we’ve sworn over this. Finally your nominee badge is here. We know the entire code doesn’t show up below but as long as you make sure you’ve copied it all it should work fine. We’ve also noticed that the quote marks don’t copy through properly; you’ll have to replace them before the badge will work. It’s yet another example of our slummy behaviour.

The Slummies Nominee Badge

<a href=””&gt; <img src=””&gt; </a>


4 Responses to “Badges”

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Helen White, The Slummies. The Slummies said: Slummies nominee badges are here at last […]

  2. ………”Thats how slummy we are, that we can’t be fucked to fuck about with the fucking codes, so fuck ya all”

  3. Precisely. Did you notice how slummy we are about promotion too? We’ve not been around for days so nobody remembers us.

  4. When did all this happen? I couldn’t be arsed coming back to check!!

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