Slummy Dirtbag

Add your nominations for Slummy Dirtbag in the comments below.


6 Responses to “Slummy Dirtbag”

  1. I nominate myself for this, and I also nominate my dirtbag crew: @Nudieprincess @cheshire_claire @lolas_mum @cosmicgirlie
    They have given me their permission by flashing their tits, arses and lady gardens at me tonight. Filth the lot of them.

  2. Filth. YOU LOVE A BIT OF IT.

    *trims bush a little ready for awards ceremony*

  3. he he he he… Jay you crack me up *high five to the bush trimming*

  4. Oh I think my blog stats thingy qualifies me as a Slummie Dirt bag- someone landed on my page after searching for “Hot twentie something bored Housewives”

    See, even Google thinks I’m a Dirty hoe behind closed doors, you cant hide from Google.

  5. Oh I am most definately a fully paid up member of the Dirtbag crew. Only if theres an award ceremony, I’m gonna need plenty of warning. My Bush is more of a Forest these days…………

  6. I wish I could find a bloke to be a dirtbag with 😦
    But then again, I don’t help myself. I’m a fat mess and as for trimming bushes can someone please pass the shears?

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