Slummy Blogger Award for Social Climbing

Add your nominations for theSlummy Blogger Award for Social Climbing in the comments below.


4 Responses to “Slummy Blogger Award for Social Climbing”

  1. Tee hee, yeah I think I can safely say I would win this hands down, I make no secret that I am blogging not for fun (but come on who is really?) but for a career. Hence the blogs, the newspaper appearances etc etc

  2. I also makes no bones about the fact that I will happily beg for votes, attend paper bag openings (if they happen to be in Somerset, which normally they aren’t) and basically whore myself. In the media sense of course..

    Does anyone actually blog just for the fun of it?? I personally don’t buy into this whole ‘Oh gosh, I don’t even check my stats’ thing 🙂

  3. Who gives a shit? Social Climbing is for pussies. Sit on my lazy fucking ass all day is what I will do.

    Oh cock, wait…wrong twatting category for foul-mouthing…

    Meh. Bollocks.

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