Slummy Award For the Blogger Too Sodding Lazy to Blog Often Enough

Add your nominations for Slummy Award For the Blogger Too Sodding Lazy to Blog Often Enough in the comments below.


17 Responses to “Slummy Award For the Blogger Too Sodding Lazy to Blog Often Enough”

  1. Fuck it! Put me down, not through want of trying but through technical error and lack of suitable mummy blogger material I don’t blog often.Plus I can’t really write on my blog that I’m really a whore with drug addiction.Can I?

  2. ha ha ha …. in that case i’ll second your nomination!

  3. mrsljhall Says:

    This award was made for me! (Well it would be if anyone could be bothered to make it!). I am very lazy and this has now started to show in my lapsidasical blogging…. Oh yes, I also make up words if I can’t be bothered to look up how to spell them.

  4. Yea, this sounds like me….

  5. Oh God yes. LMAO over these awards, btw.

  6. This is so, so me! Vote for ME!! I want this award, still not enough to blog about it though..

  7. Hooray! This one was my idea, so I’m totally up for it.

    A preview:
    2005 start a blog to record all the cute things my toddler says. She’s now 6.
    2007 start a pregnancy blog at 4 weeks. Next post is when the baby’s about 2 months old. Er, that one’s now 2 years old and I haven’t done another post yet.


  8. me me meeeeee… that one is made specially for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

  9. Oh gawd, definitely me, Im lucky if I manage one blog post a week at the moment.

  10. ladyblahblahs Says:

    This is me too. I do actually love blogging, but I’m far too shit to keep it up. I have also started many blogs. Allow me to introduce to you:

    where I tried to recall amusing incidents from my life and times. Sadly, there weren’t many. I am indeed average.

    Then a friend introduced me to the concept of a 365 blog where you show a photo for every day. I lasted 57 days:

    I did a private blog when I tried to lose weight, but I’m so slummy I’ve put it all back on again.

    Some friends and I set up

    but we were collectively completely shite and the posts tailed off. But at least I got the last word.

    And now I’m blogging here

    but I’m too embarrassed to tell my family and friends, because they really will just roll their eyes and say ‘here we go again’. And I can hardly blame them!

    And I booked afternoon sessions for my daughter at nursery because I couldn’t be arsed getting up and dressed early in the morning – does that alone qualify me for the slummy bit?

  11. I’ll nominate myself for this. I often go a week, a month … oh six months (!) without posting to my blog. I have no excuse, I’m still on maternity leave!

  12. Ha ha ha … I love this. I am nominating Soph4Soph on her behalf as she’s too lazy to come over here and nominate herself!

    • It’s particularly special that Soph4Soph’s last blog post is called something like “Read quickbecause I’ll delete in a minute!” – dated 3 weeks ago.

  13. Blog??? What blog??? Oh yeah, that thingy that I sometimes have a bit of a rant on. When was my last post? I dunno….think it was 2010 but I could be wrong.

    I can’t even remember my website address….that’s how good I am.

  14. […] should see the catergories that The Slummies have up for grabs. I’ve put myself down for Slummy award for the blogger too sodding lazy to blog often enough and Sexiest slummy mummy blogger. This is all a bit of fun, no prizes are available but hey […]

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