Slummy Mummy

Add your nominations for Slummy Mummy in the comments for below.


14 Responses to “Slummy Mummy”

  1. I’m definitely a contender for Slummy Mummy, I just spent all day in my pyjamas.

  2. I’m definitely a slummy mummy! Still in my pyjamas and it’s gone 10!

  3. mrsljhall Says:

    I am SO a slummy mummy – husband does all the washing and ironing :o)

  4. Nickie (Typecast) Says:

    I’m having this one too!! Thankingyoukindly 😀

  5. Definitely a contender for this – just seen a mouse running across our kitchen to add to the ant colony… bah

  6. I even admitted my total lack of cleaning ability in my blog. Someone needs to make a badge with F*ck the ironing I’d rather be blogging! If I knew how I so would!

  7. Putting myself in for this one. Stuff with babysick on it gets worn all day

  8. I definitely belong in this category! My ironing pile is almost as tall as me, hubby does most of the cooking, I could go on!

  9. Me again!

    I walked to the shops yesterday in my pyjamas to buy the papers and TWO packets of biscuits, one of which I then proceeded to eat in bed.

  10. Kate Boardman Says:

    I haven’t shaved my legs for months. My favourite item of clothing is my dressing gown. I spend hours on Twitter while my @Pesky_Kid plays in the airing cupboard and my favourite foods are all cereals (no cooking required). Will also be nominating myself for the Biggest Lush award. I’m the reason red wine sales at the local Sainsburys are rocketing.

  11. Tescos in my pyjamas, Dirty jeans, lack of caring what I go outside in, Make-ups a luxury. I Trawl the internet for hours and hours trying to find some sort of self help to snap me out of feeling like this, then its too ate at night and I’m too tired to actually do anything. Tidying the house? I’d rather be messing around with my son!

  12. I am joining the slummy mummy brigade. What’s the point in housework when I can be with kids, Twitter and Blogger 😉

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