Slummy Daddy

Add your nominations for Slummy Daddy in the comments for below.


12 Responses to “Slummy Daddy”

  1. I nominate [do you mean to nominate him for sexiest daddy blogger?] – you know that makes sense

  2. Claire Says:

    [Do you mean to nonminate him for sexiest slummy daddy blogger?] of course!

  3. I’d really love to nominate my husband who wrote a fabulous blog when I was pregnant, here: and then didn’t keep it up. The ‘baby’ is now three and a half and he ‘keeps meaning’ to update it.

    That’s pretty slummy huh?

    But does he need to nominate himself?

  4. [moved to Sexiest Slummy Daddy Blogger]

  5. I’m going to try and get my OH to nominate himself- hows this for slummy. He is officially Gadget Dad on the Family Panel reviews site. Except he never writes the reviews himself, I just get told that they are “good” the “dogs bollocks” or “utter shite”. He is I’m afraid, an illiterate twat.

  6. I would like to nominate myself – I should write blog entries about my amazing children and how they’re growing up happy and fun-loving. But mainly my blog posts are about bits of tech that I end up fiddling with instead of spending time with my progeny. And most of the time I can’t even be bothered to blog about tech.

  7. Well it has to be me doesn’t it? Hurrah for me etc etc etc

  8. I think I am honour bound to nominate myself. I am most definitely slummy, a lush and a househusband

  9. Ben Wakeling Says:

    I’m going to nominate myself. I write a blog about how evil my wife is during a pregnancy that’s my fault. And I’m going to be publishing it as a book so the whole world can see!

  10. Ben I salute you, at last a man who realises ITS ALL HIS FAULT. NOT OURS! lol. And you can use that in the back cover of the book for recommendations. (see hows that for social climbing)

  11. i’d like to nominate myself, too: – a blog about how rubbish i am as a father, designed to inspire other rubbish parents everywhere…

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