Slummy Award for the Biggest Lush

Add your nominations for Slummy Award for the Biggest Lush in the comments below.


18 Responses to “Slummy Award for the Biggest Lush”

  1. I nominate: [perhaps you’d like to nominate yourself?] she’s a wrong un.

    And I nominate myself and [removed] in this category too. We’re proper lushes.

  2. Hey I just nominated here, but they is gone!!!

  3. Nickie (Typecast) Says:

    ah… is this where I nominate myself 😀
    Ok then… ME!!!! But Claire has to vote for me in the finals…

  4. I think out of all of them this is most definitely my category 😉 so I nominate me!!!!

  5. Um yes this I might have to nominate myself here … oops!

  6. I brought #twinking to twitter and am proud to describe myself as a Martini Mum! I love a drink – so sue me!

  7. I’ll put me here too

  8. I think this guest post in which I get pished on tequila and take all my clothes off probably qualifies as lushish

  9. I should probably nominate myself for this one too.

  10. Hmmm… I’d have to nominate myself for this one too. I even turned my shed into a cocktail bar.

    You see… I’m gonna sweep the board! Hoorah!

  11. Sorry guys but think I have this category all wrapped up! 😉


    Mediocre Mum

  12. I second Mediocre Mum’s nomination 😉

  13. My local Sainsburys was able to hire an extra staff member based on profits from red wine sales. It makes me proud to think that I single handedly contributed to the employment figures in a time of recession. Most of my Nectar points are via the vino.

  14. I’m claiming nominee status in this category, based, for example, on booze-induced flagpole-climbing exploits. However I may have to bow to MrsW’s tequila-stripping (see above)…


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