Hello Bloggers

And welcome to the Slummies, the number one parenting blog awards for parents who, well, just don’t care.

We’ve got nominations and voting galore but there’ll be no finalists; you’re all Slummies in our opinion. There’ll be no Prizes either unless someone wants to sponsor us and we doubt that’ll happen.

There’s buttons on the way for all our nominees but that’s about all we can offer. So, if other awards have passed you by, nominate yourself for a Slummy and show the blogosphere you just don’t give a damn.

p.s. If there’s any category you think we’ve left out, drop us a comment here and we’ll include it.

p.p.s. We may be politically incorrect but this is all just a bit of fun. In that spirit we ask that you only nominate yourself for awards. Any nomination of another person will be removed. Of course seconding a nominationthat someone has made for themselves is definitely encouraged.  The exception to this rule is the Sexiest Slummy awards; we all like to know who blog-crushes on us!


6 Responses to “Hello Bloggers”

  1. I’d like to say that Nickie, Mummytips and Urbanvox will absolutely approve of the nominations I have given them 🙂

    • You’ll have to get them to nominate themselves then, except for Urbanvox for sexiest slummy daddy blogger.

      • Nickie (Typecast) Says:

        Ooohhh egotistical nominations… the best sort 😀

        I’m off to approve Claire’s noms – but she’s already approved the one I’ve nominated her for… so you HAVE to accept it. It’s THE LAW!!!

  2. Hi there! What a breath of fresh air this is. I demand a badge.

    Can I nominate myself for most hormonal blogger? Half the time I am not sure if I am pre-menstrual, exhausted or pre-menopausal! Never known to keep my feelings to myself, I am the blogger most likely to have a mood swing!

    Will you please have a conference that involves binge drinking?

  3. Can I ask for the Blogger Most Likely to be Sued award?

    Or the Social Climber award too?

    Lol lol lol love this idea. Long live the Slummies!

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